Review: Messina Hof 2009 Merlot

4 Apr

In the spirit of drinking local, I decided to buy a bottle of Merlot from the Messina Hof Winery located in Bryan, Texas. This winery was founded in 1977 making it the third oldest winery in Texas. So, lets dig into the vino!

Nose: Floral and Aromatic which is a good thing in my books.

Color: Dark red.

Taste: Spicy and by spicy I mean all the exotic spices one gets after eating a beefy meal from an authentic Indian restaurant. Actually I tasted a lot of curry or a spoon of royco for those who eat kenyan cuisine.

Comment: I suggest that you drink this red when eating something spicy like Mexican or east Asian cuisine. This wine was not my style but I will try their Messina Hof Shiraz. Hopefully, it will tickle my fancy.

Scale: 8 out of 10.

Price: On sale @ my local Kroger for $8.99



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